Enhance your interior with our complete reconditioning services, which include:
  • Thorough cleaning of all leather and vinyl
  • Complete upholstery steam cleaning
  • Detailing of console and instrumentation
  • Console, coffee areas, and between seats
  • Treat stains and sanitize
  • Leather and vinyl reconditioning
  • Polish wood and stainless trim
  • Smoke odor removal
  • Vapor steam cleaning to remove bacteria and stains in carpets, and allergens
  • Odor and bacteria removal
  • Accident and spills cleaning
  • Ozone treatment
  • Apostrial replacement
  • Leather reconditioning
  • Kid's Grime cleaning
  • Allergy control


Enhance the exterior of your vehicle to its original luster, with:
  • Hand washing • removes all appearances of dirt
  • Paint cleaning • removes minor scratches, fine lines, oxidation, and paint defects
  • Polishing • removes very fine imperfections, and restores natural oils and gloss
  • Waxing • protects paint from ultraviolet rays and harmful elements
  • Rubber conditioning • seals and restores
  • Chrome trim • bumpers protected, and wheels carefully hand polished
  • Paint overspray removal
  • Dent removal and repair
  • Paint correction
  • Paint touch-up
  • Paint refinishing


  • Headliner
  • Carpets
  • Arm rests
  • Seat repair
  • Foam rebuilding
  • OEM materials
  • Color matching


  • Paint overspray removal
  • Insurance estimates
  • Odor and bacteria removal
  • Paintless Dent repair/removal


A method by which heated steam reaches and penetrates hard to clean areas, degreases, removes and loosens emulsified soil, destroying germs, viruses, molds, bacteria, and dust mites; thereby reducing asthma and allergy attacks.


Recognize paint problems and identify their severity such as swirl marks, minor scratches, webbing lines, and stains in the finish.


Our specialty is reaching each and every surface, nook and cranny to be cleaned. This process is done by using enhanced lighting to properly view a surface and therefore efficiently clean it.
  • Fine crevice work
  • Chrome and metal polishing
  • Advanced wheel & tire cleaning
  • Leather conditioning
  • Aluminum polishing


Crevices, door pockets, console areas, cup holders, in-between seats, glove boxes, foot pedals, moldings, and doorjambs precisely cleaned.


Vehicles are put on lifts to insure better visibility and thorough cleaning.